Best $15 (or less) purchases on Amazon

There are lots of ways I spend $15 and here are a few of my favorite less than $15 spends since January and most are actually under $10!

One of my favorite magazines, HGTV a shares some of the trendiest homes and decor on a budget! Currently $7 for 6 months

Discounted HGTV Magazine Subscription

I am always looking for fun ways to make my house look better or ideas and one of my favorite magazines – Real Simple is on sale for the year $8

Real Simple Discounted Subscription

Elite Gourmet Egg Cooker With 22,000 positive reviews, this egg cooker is perfect for getting things done in a hurry! Priced $15-$16 based on color.

Elite Gourmet Egg Cooker

I do have another Egg Cooker by Dash; one – with 98,000 reviews! Slightly more expensive at $19.00

Dash Egg Cooker

Staying the kitchen, another fun find is my pairing knives. Loves these ceramic dishwasher safe knives that make a huge difference!

Pairing knives

Cleaning up after a spill or a pet or kid can be a thing! With Spot Bomb, it does not have to be. This miracle stuff (currently on sale) under $10 is perfect for eliminating the stain and smell.

Spot Bomb

One of the best hair trimmers is the tinkle! It cleans up your eyebrows easily and seamlessly.

Tinkle – Buy Here

With concerts these past two weeks, no purse and no pockets made for decisions on where to put my credit cards.

Thankfully, the credit card phone case makes it easy to store 3 credit cards and cash without it being exposed!

Phone Case With Credit Card

Phone case with glitter! This changes in price from $8-11 / buy when on sale!

Glitter case

Prices are continuing to go up and time is also at a premium! Never enough of both. Prior to covid, I would get my nails done semi- regularly at around $50 a pop. When salons were closed down, discovered impress nails for $6.99 and use them as needed.

Impress Nails

My favorite nails are the Impress Real Short French! Prices change on Amazon but these are usually less than $5!

Impress Nails

Staying with beauty category, another fun find has been using reusable makeup pads Affordable and laundry safe including a laundry bag keeps the cost down and your face clean!

Reusable Makeup Pads

Not sure about you but I am always needing to find tweezers and it seems that I lose them! Right now, $7 includes leather case, tweezers, and scissors!

Tweezer Set

Makeup tips and tricks! Under $7, this eyeliner is great and does not smear or smudge!


One of my favorite lip balms! Under $5.00 – tastes yummy and moisturizes and stops cracking!

Lip Balm

Exfoliating travel washcloths are amazing! The 12 pack is great for home or for travel! Exfoliates and cleans my face extremely well.

Exfoliating cloths

Concealer is important for everyday touch ups! I prefer Elf concealer in Sand!

Elf Concealer

Sunscreen and a glow! It’s what we all want. This sunscreen is a game changer – heavy hitter with a magical glow!

Sunscreen with a glow

Lip gloss that looks fabulous! This is a pretty shade and definitely not too bold.

Lip Gloss

I am a huge fan of kid’s toys especially tractors and construction. This CAT toy is perfect for summer in the sandbox!


Sensory toys for kids… that glow at night.

Sensory toys

Need a fun pet toy? Loving lamb chop for $5.00! Coco loves her.

Lamb chop

Traveling can be fun and whether you hike or adventure, important to have a whistle!


A collapsible backpack on sale $14.99 (regular price is $18) for 16L. Perfect for travel, to have in your car, or for sporting events!

Collapsible backpack

Stylish sunglasses under $15 that are close to designer glasses and are great for daily use!

Sunnies on sale!

This wraps up my best $15 dollar or less favorite purchases since January!

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