Back to School: Why Are We So Anxious In This Stage of the Pandemic?

The Delta Variant is hitting the United States hard and currently southern states, Florida, and Texas are in dire straits…. Out of ICU beds and having to careflight sick patients to other locations.

This is a far cry from the reality at the start of summer.. with dinners in restaurants, ease of masks, vacations being reinstated…and this has quickly disappeared in some places around the United States.

Currently many of us are grappling with what is and what will be… the fear, the uncertainty, and the loss of freedom once again. Perhaps the conflict of feeling free and those emotions of conflict on letting go are now put back in a box..

I almost booked the flight to Europe and almost got out of dodge. For those who know me best, know I recharge on a plane and recharge best out of the USA.

My recharge has not happened and I am not alone. I never totally let down my guard. During the pandemic, one trip (4 flights) and that has been it.

In the remission of Covid, I was so excited to meet with family and friends and to be honest.. Things were different…I was so excited to meet with them but all the underlying thoughts of Covid and what if… quickly creeped in and I was letdown – not in my experience with them; rather the whole idea in my head of how great it was going to be and then the letdown of the actual visit to the location and the underlying questions like… am I going to get sick, where have they been? etc. I do realize we have to live and operate; I am also cautious and understand that one decision or a bad one could lead to sickness and a possible visit to the hospital.

As I have spoken with others, they have experienced similar things – leaving early from events and similarly excited to head home. Emptiness and discomfort can lead to many feeling out of control.. other people thrive and make life changes (many make major life changes) but both are working to escape from the current situation.

Depression and anxiety are common during pandemics and it is a good time to reflect on what is important to you.

For me, I found great happiness in mundane things, slowed down a little, and enjoyed flexibility and freedom. I am met with the challenge of recalibration and additional reflection of what next. I continue to struggle with getting together with family and friends and weighing the balance of what to do or what not to do…many decisions have to do with vaccinations, similar philosophies on the pandemic, and staying safe.

As we start the school year, everyone has to do what works best for them. As for me, I will be wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer, and carrying hand wipes.. for those who know me.. the mask is the only real change since covid.. I have always wiped down tables and computer keyboards and my personal spaces in meeting rooms .. I personally made the choice to get vaccinated.. and in a pandemic it is really up to you to make decisions that are best for you..

Hugs as we embrace this together,


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  1. 8.18.21
    Jacqi said:

    Definitely anxious about school starting. 🙁