Amanda Uprichard Sale Guide: How to Snag a Deal on this Hot Label

Dresses, Rompers, and How to Catch the Best Deals!

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Amanda Uprichard is a modern women’s fashion brand that focuses on high-quality fabrics and bold colors. The company was founded in 2003 by Amanda Uprichard, and has since become a sought-after destination for fashionable women.

Uprichard established her fashion label in New York in 2003. The company’s first collection quickly caught the attention of fashion professionals, and Uprichard was featured in various publications such as Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue. Her signature silk dresses have been very popular among celebrities and editors.

In 2006, Uprichard expanded her offerings by adding various accessories such as coats and separates. Her brand’s aesthetic remained the same, with strong feminine designs and vibrant colors. Soon after this, she launched her own e-commerce website which made it easier for consumers to shop her products online.

In 2010, Uprichard’s first flagship store was opened in New York City’s Nolita district. The store featured her entire line of products and exclusive accessories. She went on to collaborate with Italian shoe brand Dolce Vita for a collection that featured comfortable and stylish shoes.

In 2015, Uprichard marked her 10th anniversary by presenting a special collection. The collection featured various of her most popular designs. In recent years, she has expanded her online presence by launching a new website and gaining a following on social media.

Continue reading to learn more about some of the best styles from Amanda Uprichard, as well as where to snag the best deals!

Sizing by Amanda Uprichard

Image courtesy of Amanda Uprichard’s website, where you can find the brand’s complete sizing guide.

We all have at least two or three beautiful dresses in our closet that we have always thought would fit us no matter what. Unfortunately, the majority of those dresses most likely never actually held up. Regardless of how beautiful a dress looks, the fit is just as important. A fundamental understanding of fashion is that everyone should have the perfect fitting clothing to help boost confidence and personality!

Having the right fit is very important when it comes to going out and making that purchase. A dress should be comfortable for your figure and not too loose or too tight. The good news is that finding the right fit is easier today than ever with the abundance of options on the market.

Due to the lack of availability of certain sizes, many customers end up not buying the clothes they originally wanted. This is a common problem that occurs because everyone has a slightly different body shape, no matter the exact size.

It can be hard for brands to create a fit range that is appropriate for each individual, since none of us are exactly the same size and proportions as someone else. This is heightened by the lack of a uniform sizing policy in the industry. Instead, they use the shape and height of a random model to design and assign sizes to their clothing.

When a customer browses through a brand’s site and sees a perfect figure model wearing a certain outfit, it makes the purchase more effortless. Even if the dress is not what the customer expected, it will still look good on the model.

The issue of fitting doesn’t happen in measured clothing, such as shirts and dresses. In made to measure clothing, the entire garment is made by taking a measurement of the customer’s figure. This method ensures that the fit is precisely tailored.

The high chance of returns is also a concern when it comes to buying ready-made clothes. Since online shopping has made it easy for customers to return products, almost half of all fashion items are returned. However, when you opt for brands that stay true to their sizes such as Amanda Uprichard you shouldn’t have as many problems when it comes to finding the right clothing.

Tis’ the season of summer sales! Check out Amanda Uprichard’s main website for some great deals on some of their otherwise quite expensive items. Amanda Uprichard website Image Courtesy.

Benefits of Rompers + Amanda Uprichard Styles 

Getting overwhelmed by the endless options is a common experience when it comes to shopping. This is why it’s important to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and keep your shopping stress-free. One of the easiest ways to do this is by adding a fun and fashionable romper to your wardrobe.

A gorgeous summer romper will allow you to enjoy the warm weather and have you looking your absolute best for beach parties and beach portraits with your friends!

Rompers are also a great way to keep yourself cool while letting you enjoy the freedom of the outdoors. A stylish look with a romper will allow you to complete your summer bucket list without worrying about getting too hot. They’re known for their vibrant and feminine style, and they’re a common fashion choice for spring and summer.

Check out Shopbop for some unique and eye catching romper designs by Amanda Uprichard. Image courtesy of Shopbop, showing the Champagne Skort Romper perfect to show off this spring!

Rompers in Cool Weather

The seasons have changed, and a new Romper is a great way to celebrate this change!

A pair of warm and comfortable rompers will keep you protected from the cold weather throughout the year. As the leaves start to fall, it’s time to start layering. A warm scarf and a jacket are ideal ways to complete this look.

Getting too hot during the winter can be a problem, so a fun and fashionable new Romper will allow you to stay warm while still looking cute. Long leg pants are also a great way to keep you warm while wearing this look. If you’re not a fan of a classic style, try adding some heels to your outfit for a more interesting and stylish look.

Coordinating Rompers with Other Accessories 

You can maximize the use of your new Romper by coordinating your outfit with fun accessories. For a special occasion, try wearing a classic but very special one-piece with heels for a more sophisticated look. You can also dress the outfit down with a pair of cute sneakers or a fun hat for a laid-back look. Whether you’re planning on attending a casual or formal event, it’s never a bad idea to go searching for a romper!

Getting around is a bit easier when you opt for a romper while on vacation. Not only do they make you look great, but they also save you time and money because you’re not packing as much. With just a few simple folds, you can easily fit outfits for days. Then you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about overpacking.

Most Common Dress Styles + Amanda Uprichard 

Empire Waist Style

Empire dresses are typically fitted through the bust, which is similar to the A-line. The main difference between these and the A-line is that the empire flows instead of having an angular shape.

This style is a great choice for everyone, especially if you’re on the curvy side. The empire dresses will help minimize the bust and make you look more feminine. It can also help define your figure in a way that’s both petite and long.

A-line Style

A-line dresses are made to fit through the waist, and they then flare out at the hem. This shape is great for minimizing the waist and hips, and it draws attention to your upper half. Because of this, most bridesmaid dresses are made in A-line, which is the most versatile type of dress. 

Drop-Waist Style

The drop-waist style is often associated with the time of the roaring 20s. This is a great choice for both daytime and evening, and it can be easily modernized with a mini length. One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to this style is making sure that the dress doesn’t hug you. It looks great on a variety of body shapes, including those who have a lot of curves.

Dresses by Amanda Uprichard 

For years now, Amanda Uprichard has been a go-to for women who are looking for something a bit different when it comes to options for the right dress. Their high quality and consistent fit makes it one of the most affordable brands out there. One of the most popular dresses of the brand is the Amanda Uprichard Samba, which is a mini dress in vibrant colors. The Amanda Richard Saffron dress is another great choice for those who are looking for more of a casual summer dress.

Shop the Samba dress by Amanda Uprichard at Shopbop today. Shopbop image courtesy, priced at $194.

Shop Amanda Uprichard No Matter the Season + Catch those Sales and Promo Codes 

Due to the variety of clothing offered by Amanda Uprichard, such as dresses, jackets, pants, coats, rompers and more, you can shop the brand all year round! While some of the prices can sway more towards the expensive side, understand that everything is made from high quality material. 

You can check out various sites like Revolve and  Amanda Uprichard’s main website, which frequently have great sales on all different kinds of clothing. Looking for Amanda Uprichard promo codes? You can check out places like RetailMeNot, Coupon Cabin, and Slickdeals who work with a plethora of retailers and brands to create sales and codes. 

Make sure to also keep an eye out on authorized retailing sites like Shopbop to find some of the best Amanda Uprichard sales on the market!

Stay tuned and look out for some great sales by Amanda Uprichard all summer long on Shopbop! Image Courtesy of Shopbop.


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