18 of the Best Amazon Summer Items (Summer Amazon Hacks)

1. The lounge chair you can read and text face down. It can also be velcroed back and you can lay on it without any issue. Arm hopes to make it comfortable for the beach or outdoor space.

The Beach Chair with Armholes and space for your head

2. This portable fan is perfect for camping, the beach, or for your classroom. It collapses and extends – up to 90” and is compact for a bedroom.

Portable fan

3. Drink in a bag bring your favorite drink to the beach and it stays cool! Comes with dispenser!!

Drink in a bag

4. It’s the time of the year where sporting events and gatherings are popular! This new find on Amazon is among my favorite! This collapsible ice chest and snack holder is great!! In case it is sold out.

Collapsible party table

5. When going to the park, event, or last minute called to something.. sometimes you have cans of drinks that are hot and even with ice.. it is still hot, here is the perfect life changer! 60 seconds with 2 AA batteries! Chill o Matic reduces the need for a huge bag of ice and in less than a minute.. happy cold drink!

Chill o Matic

6. You have that event and you have things going on.. and your car charger is not going to help you when you are watching an event, so check out the credit card charger for these crazy situation! Have and love!

Credit card charger

7. The sunscreen dots are a must have. Ever have that question of ..do I need more sunscreen? Here is the sunscreen dot it reminds you of when you are due for more! Excellent for kids!

Sunscreen dots

8. The hidden safe at the beach or at a sporting event. We all need to be able to put things down for a minute and maybe your kids play sports and don’t want others going through their things – here is a quick hack to keep money, jewelry or keys hidden

Hidden drink safe

9. Waterproof mosquito bands that work! Have and love. Comes in a set of 10 bracelets – keeps those pesky creatures away! Or Ultrasonic mosquito repellent bands

Mosquito bands
Ultrasonic mosquito repellents

10. Reusable ice cubes in all fairness, I was skeptical about these however they are the best. Can use at a sporting event if someone hurts an arm or leg, can use for cubes and can be added to make everything cooler!

Reusable cubes

11. Body Glide do you run or play sports in the summer? This body glide works wonders and makes exercise not as painful.

Body Glide for her
Body Glide for him

12. Soda Can Covers perfect to keep critters out of your drinks this summer!

Can cover

Or a drink shield

Drink shield

13. Cheap misting fan. This is a great one with the kids and for outdoor activities no matter where you are. Under $12.00 it’s a fan and mister!

Misting fan

A personal fan with misting abilities with usb charging capabilities under $13. Also can use regular batteries.

Misting fan

The theme park stroller fan wraps around the stroller handle and makes life a lot better for everyone.

Stroller fan

14. Waterproof storage bags that are great for kayaking, beach, and water sports.

Waterproof bag (sunglasses) / Waterproof Bag (whale) / Waterproof Bag (Star)

15. Portable AC Unit for Camping, Work, Dorm Room, or at camp. Charge with USB and it’s ready to go!

Portable ÁC Unit

16. Summer eats and treats! Springing for ice cream – or getting out of freezer – simplify the waste with an edible spoon when you are finished! plus. Less cleaning!

Edible spoons

17. Waterproof blankets for the outdoor concerts and sporting events. Think back to when it rained around 2 and now it’s beautiful however the ground is still damp- throw down this blanket and stay dry. Washable and rolls up – east to carry.

Waterproof blanket

18. It’s that time of the year when the critters are out.. horsefly’s, flies, bees, wasps, etc. Here is a tool that helps take the sting out

Bites relief

Happy Shopping!




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