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Why Mallorca is A Great Vacation Spot

Mallorca is an island off the coast of Barcelona. It is a two hour plane ride from the mainland of Spain and provides a variety of things to do and see. Mallorca is a great vacation spot If you are a beach lover or an adventure seeker; this island is for you! If you are visiting for a day on a cruise ship; this will also help you decide where to spend your day!

What You Should Know About Visiting Mallorca:

-Travel guides suggested that a bus was adequate for travel around this island, but ……not really!

-We discovered how big Mallorca was and opted to take a taxi to our hotel and then try to get a rental car. The airport to the Marriott……………30 euros

-Michael Douglas has a house between Cala Deia and Valldemossa

-We rented a car for 325 euros (approx)for a week

-Most cars are stick shift

-You must want to drive a lot when you come here…………everywhere is an hour

-Mountains, beaches, desert, and grasslands are on this island…………very unique

-Boat rides available to Menorca

-Snorkeling tours available (don’t need to do that, but you can snorkle anywhere there is water)

Marriott is located in Son Antem (middle of nowhere) but no good hotels have beachfront because they do not own the beach………..Hilton is the same way.

-If you are coming in for a day in Mallorca; talk with a taxi driver about driving you all day where you want to go and negotiate a set price!

-Marriott resort is quite large and you could spend the week here.

-I would not suggest renting bikes because there are no road names and if you got lost….you could die (overexaggeration, but you are in the middle of nowhere)

-Would highly recommend the Marriott Resort in Son Antem even without the beach for a few reasons: you stay in a villa, you have pool per villa, entertainment at the hotel nightly, the hotel grounds are beautiful.

What You Should Know About Port de Soller

When we went to Port de Soller, you head toward Palma from the Marriott and then toward the mountains. There are no “street signs”
-If in doubt, head to Palma
-In order to go through the tunnel, it is 5 euros each way. You can go through the mountains but it will take you an extra 40 minutes to get there.
-At Soller, also spelled Soiler they speak Cantonese, French, Spanish, German, and some English
-in the summer watch for jellyfish…they are plentiful on the beach.
-If you walk up the hill (opposite the lighthouse) around the bend, there is a beautiful spot to swim
-Lots of people rent paddle boats that have slides
-You can take a boat ride (2 hours to Sa Calobra) you can also drive which we did. Take a passport or you can not go.
-Anywhere you go, you should load up on snacks and drinks in case you break down.
-There is a train that can take you from right outside Palma to Port de Soller but there is not air conditioning on the train

What You Should Know About Visiting Sa Calobra

One of my favorite places in the world…Sa Calobra , minus the drive…………..it was the scariest drive I have ever been on…
-Along the way, the random donkeys…………we stopped and petted them.
-The road from Soller is about 20 km, but took about 3 hours because it is steep and back and forth.
-You have to pay to park and its per 30 minutes (no credit cards)
-You walk through 2 caves to get to this beach.
-2 places to get food, both only accept euros (NO CREDIT CARDS)
-Again, pack food and drinks for the ride
-Don’t get ice in your drinks (water is not safe to drink)
-Evian water from the grocery store is the best bet and its cheap.

What To Know About Formentor

Formentor is a long drive to get here..highest point on the island
-on the way, there is a beach
-most popular for British people
-you can park on the street but watch for stones (puncture tires)
-go early to Formentor (otherwise traffic will be a nightmare)
-take cash because no credit card machines at Lighthouse, beach, etc.
-really nice beach area
-running water to clean off when finished at the beach.

What You Should Know About Cuevas del Drach

These caves were amazing.
-Known all over the world.
-Martel lake, one of the world’s largest underground lakes.
-concerts in the caves (boats with an organ)
-beauty of the caves is exceptional because of the lighting and music.
-located in Porto Cristo

What You Should Know About Cala Mondrago

This is an unbelievable place! There are three coves you can swim in and out of.
-Bring a raft to float
-bring goggles/ snorkel
-About 7 feet deep in the deepest spot.
-One snack stand, cash only

What to Know About Platja d’es Trenc

Follow the signs to Platja d’es Trenc
-Best Sand Beach in Mallorca
-Go past the first parking lot all the way to the beach.
-It is 7 euros to park, but if you eat at the cafe; it will be 7 euros off your parking or 2 drinks for free, depending.
-The middle of the sand beach is a nudist area; pass by and you will have a piece of the beach to yourself
-2 restaurants on the beach (both cash only)
-take a raft to float

What You Should Know About Camp de Mar, Andratx

-If you had to stay on a beach, Grupotel Playa, Camp de Mar was the nicest we found.
-Pool/ beach and restaurant over the water (takes credit card)
-Nice drive about 40 minutes from Palma

What You Should Know About Valdemossa

Valdemossa, A different perspective of Mallorca
-this chatelet is where Prince Albert vacations (14 rooms)
-Mountain area
-the town is quite lovely
-15 minutes from the ocean
-Peaceful and tranquil.
-Smokey Mountain like drive

What You Should Know About Cala Deia

Cala Deia is a Long drive to the bottom, but make the drive
-Pay to park
-1 euro an hour

What You Should Know About Banyalbufar

When you arrive in Banyalbufar, follow the signs to the beach.
-There are parking spots along the way or you can park on the boulder.
-It is a long, steep walk either way.
-Take water (you will need it)
-Rock beach
-At the top of the hill, there is a cute cafe with reasonable prices and wonderful food.
-Croissants with powered sugar (a speciality)
-Spaghetti was amazing

What to Know About Palma

-You need about an hour in the city of Palma driving around to see everything.
-Cathedral is the best sight in the town.
-Give money to the guys posing!
-Hard Rock is near the harbor
-There is shopping and boutiques

Mallorca is an amazing place to visit! The most difficult challenge is deciding where you spend each day! If it is your first time visiting and you have 6-8 hours; you may want to get a driver and negotiate the price for the day. My recommendations would be: Platja En Trenc Beach for a few hours and have the driver go to Port Soller if time allows or Valdemossa Area where the boutiques and Pearl Shops are located. If the beach is not something you want to spend time at, the Cueva del Drach is spectacular and is a unique experience that is hard to beat!

Mallorca is known for pearls…if you are looking for a neat souvenir to bring home.

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How To Spend 1-2 Days In Barcelona

How to Spend 1-2 Days in Barcelona

Whether you are just visiting Barcelona for an entire day or you are boarding a cruise ship in Barcelona with time on both sides of the trip and are not sure what to do; there is so much to do and see. It is recommended that you do the things most important to you first so you do not miss out on those things.  Do not wait until the afternoon or late in the day as some shops may close early or you will find delays with travel to the destination, long lines, or unforeseen circumstances. Many shops are closed on Sundays, so it is advisable to look over the list of places you want to visit and check times and days of operation.

Barcelona for a Short Visit

In order to save some time figuring out the easiest way to get to many spots; the Hop On / Hop Off Bus provides service to each of the famous sites every 20-30 minutes. The price of two days is usually the same price as one day. Here is a map of the stops. 

The Hop On / Hop Off Bus is also a good way to become familiar with Barcelona; you can stay on the bus the entire time and get acclimated to the city; then when you start to repeat; get off and sightsee. The drop offs and pick ups are well – marked. My advice is to ride it to the Sagrada Familia first, then ride the entire route without getting off; headphones are provided in several languages and you can learn about the city.

Sagrada Familia  


Sagrada Familia is a large Catholic Church in Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain. Gaudi gets the credit for the architecture.

Is one of the best and most famous sites in Barcelona. It is advisable to go early in the morning as lines can be a few hours and tickets are limited. In order to avoid this, there is an option with the Hop On/Hop Off Bus to get a VIP entrance ticket for Sagrada Familia.

Placa de Catalunya 

This is in the heart of Barcelona. It is where the old town meets the new areas; lots of shopping and a spot for tourists and residents. If you take a taxi anywhere in the city or ride the bus, you will pass by many historical spots.

La Ramblas

This is famous for the tree-lined sidewalks. Lots of shopping; locals and tourists are both in this area; amazing food (tapas). La Ramblas has so many food choices and all of them are delicious. The prices in Barcelona are comparable with France, the Netherlands, and Germany. Food costs are 1.5x the typical American cost.

Casa Mila

This translates as the stone quarry. It was Gaudi’s residence until his death. It is a World UNESCO Heritage Site.

Casa Batilo

This translates as the House of Bones. This is located near Avinguda Diagonal.

In Barcelona, you will find yourself wandering around and grabbing a coffee or sitting at a cafe watching people stroll. Take the time to enjoy your surroundings.

Additional Museums and Places to Visit:

Columbus Monument

Picasso Museum

Santa Maria Del Mar

Barcelona Cathedral

Magic Fountain

If you are looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary, you may be interested in Montserrat

Shopping Areas:

The Portal de l’Àngel

Passeig de Gracia

Guide to Avinguda Diagonal

Additional Places of Interest:

Hard Rock Cafe

Barcelona Beaches

Soccer Fans


There are so many wonderful places to visit in Barcelona. This is a short list and after you visit, you may have some different recommendations! Enjoy the journey!