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3 Essential Stops in Rome in 1 Day

Rome is an amazing city and even if you are blessed with just one day, here is a way to make the most of the day in the Eternal City!

  1. Stop 1: Vatican City

Buy Vatican Tickets 

If you are coming into the city from a cruise ship, be leery of booking time at the Vatican for the early morning; you may be better served to buy your tickets when you arrive; even across the street, there is a skip the line Vatican Tour (you will pay a little more, but will get in within 30 minutes) whereas buying tickets and finding you are two hours late into port will result in the same and you will have paid twice. With that being said, if you are in Rome (arrival the night before), then buy your ticket in advance and report 30 minutes early. If you are on a cruise and want to have everything in order before your trip, then book the tickets for 1:30 PM or 2 PM and do the Stops on this page in reverse order!

When inside the Vatican Museum, you can spend as much time or as little time you would like; the guides are all fantastic. If you are tight on time, move ahead and keep going; the guides will try to keep you with them, but if you only have a day and want to see everything….keep moving…and pass other groups (essentially “get lost”). Make sure when you get to the Sistine Chapel, you take a moment and look up without being in a hurry.

On the way out of the Sistine Chapel, move on to St. Peter’s Basilica; it is absolutely stunning! If you do the Vatican Museum and St. Peter’s Basilica with wait time getting in and starting (estimate 2 hours)

In order to move with this itinerary to see everything; catch a taxi to The Colosseum!

2. Stop 2: Colosseum

Buy Colosseum Tickets

Buy your tickets in advance here. There will be lines wrapped around the Colosseum; this is not your line! Make sure you keep walking around and there are lots of guides that will show you the line for those who prepurchased tickets! The Colosseum has a lot of history in the building and there are areas that explain all about the history. When you finish here, go out the back to the Roman Forum and see the ruins! Your ticket into the Colosseum will also get you into this area. It will be about a 45 minute walk through and it is totally worth the experience. (estimate 2 hours for The Colosseum and Roman Forum).

In order to move with this itinerary, catch a taxi to the Spanish Steps


3. Stop 3: Spanish Steps, Piazza di Spagna, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Piazza Navona (estimate 2-4 hours here)

When you arrive at the taxi stop near the Spanish Steps, you will embark on a beautiful walking tour. There are signs that guide you to each spot. Just make sure you go into the Pantheon. Watch for pickpockets- keep essentials close to you and pay attention….your phone, wallet, and camera can be off of you in 2 seconds flat!

4. Stop 4: Late Lunch: In Piazza Navona: Ai Tre Tartufi (Piazza Navona 26-27)

On the way back to the train station back to the cruise ship, ask the taxi driver to take you by Castel Sant’Angelo.

A few additional pictures in Rome. A Modern City with Ancient History….there are so many things to do in Rome, but these are the top stops to visit in 1 Day

and yes, that is a pyramid in Rome!

Hope this helps with your planning!

Questions, please ask!

~ Heidi

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Spending A Day in Capri

Getting to Capri

How to get to Capri…….from the train station or ship port; take a taxi to Molo Beverello where you will catch the high speed hydrofoil (ferry).  Make sure you get on one of the earliest ferries that you can. The ride from Naples to Capri is around an hour. You can buy your tickets onsite. For the first visit, you want to buy a roundtrip ticket; you do not want to try to buy a return ticket mid-afternoon to find out that the tickets are sold out to get back to Naples. Tickets can be purchased in advance. If you buy the ticket, it is for a specific time so if your cruise ship is late or the train is late, you may have to repurchase the ferry ticket. The Ferry Schedule  changes based on the time of the year. Peak Season is June-August and September-May is the off peak so check times and availability. If you arrive from a cruise ship; do this on your own UNLESS you are combining Capri with Pompeii; then it would be suggested to go with the cruise ship company as the ship will wait for cruise tours to return and time for both destinations would be a concern.

Map of Capri 

When you arrive in Capri on the hydrofoil, you will come into Marina Grande.

Suggested Itinerary for the Day

9:30 AM  Blue Grotto (Grotto Azzurra) and Ride Around the Island of Capri    

By the time you get tickets for the Blue Grotto Boat Ride, wait for the boat to load, ride around, go into the Blue Grotto, and return, it is about 2 hours.  You will be dropped back at Marina Grande.

The Blue Grotto and Ride Around the Island of Capri only includes the ride to the Blue Grotto. When you arrive, plan on 14 Euros per person to get into the Blue Grotto (Cash only) by row boat.

When your boat pulls up outside the cave, you will see row boats come to boats (there are usually a lot of boats waiting) and load a few people in and they disappear into the cave. It is absolutely beautiful!

Remember that the row boat will likely have water on the bottom (white shorts can become see through). Just know you will have to lay back in the row boat to get into the cave as the top of the row boat often will hit the cave.

Early morning is best! No matter how long you are on the island, by making this your first priority you will ensure the best opportunity to see it. With that being said, if the weather is too rough, it may be cancelled.


11:30 AM  Chairlift to Monte Solaro or Take a Drive Around the Island

Chairlift to Monte Solaro Information  

Video of the Chairlift to Monte Solaro

The chair lift to Monte Solaro provides a beautiful landscape portrait of the Island. It is a view you will never forget.

The ride to the top will take 15 minutes.

Faraglioni: From this location, you can see the stones that come out of the water.

Cost: 11 Euros

12:00 PM Visit Villa San Michele

Much of Capri is scenery and environment. Villa San Michele is a up the hill from Marina Grande. It will take over an hour to hike to it.

12:30 PM Anacapri

Anacapri is the second largest town on the island and is much cheaper, more quiet, and tucked away. There are not as many shops, but a short walk to the beach.

1:30 PM Piazzetta

There are a lot of restaurants and cafes along the Piazzetta. Just stroll down and stop one or two places..Typically I will eat a meal, shop for a bit, then stop for dessert.

2:30 PM Via Camerelle and Via Tragara

Shopping area with beautiful streets and avenues; lots of boutiques and perfumes.

3:30 PM Beach near Marina Grande


5:00 PM Departure at Marina Grande

When you visit Capri, try to find a Citrus perfume to take home. A little different, but definitely a good souvenir.

No matter how you spend your day, you will love visiting the island of Capri.